What's On This Sitemap?

Hello everyone, I'm Scruffy...

The Pals and I were recently discussing our webpage, and we realize that it has grown so large that it may be difficult for our visitors, who may not even know who Scruffy and Pals are, to find a specific character or other information which they may be looking for. So we decided to design a site map, which gives a short summary of what information can be found on each page. We hope you will find this more user friendly, as you browse and move around our site. We also hope you will enjoy our golf humor, information and interesting links, as you click on the highighted pages below.

Home Page
Introduction to Scruffy and the concept behind this website.

Meet the Pals
Group picture of Scruffy and his eleven golf pals. Click on each character for a description of his
unique personality.

Scruffy's Story
The complete story of Scruffy and Pals, as told by Scruffy.

Scruffy's Page
Introduction of Scruffy, his personality and interest in golf.

Practice Makes Perfect
Scruffy reveals he would rather practice than play golf.

Knothead's Page
Scruffy introduces Knothead, who is stubborn and a little bit of a pain to the other pals.

Knothead's Tips, Opinions and Updates
Knothead gives tips on golf training aides, marketing and maintaining golf equipment.

Putter Inventions
Knothead introduces his two new putter inventions which he believes could cut putting
strokes for every golfer.

Hoss' Page
Scruffy introduces his pal, Hoss, an easy-going and successful businessman, who enjoys
a competitive round of golf.

Let the Games Begin
Hoss gives some strategy for getting the edge on your competitors, when you've got a
little wager on your golf match.

Mathew "Hoss" Vilade, Long Drive Golf Pro
Hoss introduces Mathew "Hoss" Vilade, a long drive golf professional, who test drives Scruffy 385 yards!
Also, Matt has agreed to give us some tips on how to hit a long drive. Click below for his first lesson.

Striking the Ball

Sarge's Page
Scruffy tries to soften the gruff exterior of Sarge, a retired Army Sargeant, who tells it like it is
when it comes to behavior on the golf course.

Golf Etiquette
Sarge gets in your face with the rules for proper etiquette on the golf course - you better "listen up"!

More Etiquette
Sarge explains that there is some etiquette involved, even in cigar smoking.

In Honor of our United States Military
Sarge changes into his old army uniform to explain how we can honor our men and women in the United States Military while showing our support and "giving back" to them, as they put their lives on the line everyday for our freedom.

Nile's Page
Scruffy's pal Niles is a retired butler from Great Britain and an expert on the history of golf.

Rules of Golf
Niles, although not a golfer himself, finds an interest in the rules of golf.

Niles gives some history on Carnoustie, site of the 2007 Open Championship.

Looper's Page
Looper, another one of Scruffy's college buddies, has found a rewarding career as a golf caddy.

Which Club?
Looper gives some advice on choosing the proper club to make the best shot, so the 'golf devil'
doesn't get in your head.

Father O'Mulligan's Page
Most respected of all the Pals is Father O'Mulligan, a priest whose faith and luck contribute more
to his golf game than his skills.

Golf with Faith
Father 'O' cites the history of several golf courses that are built on property once owned by
Seminarians. He also connects faith with golf.

Buggsey's Page
Scruffy hired Buggsey as the golf pro, who became acquainted with Hoss at a casino in Las Vegas.

The Club Pro
Buggsey likes to dress to impress, but gives the best deals in golf equipment.

Doc Sal's Page
Scruffy's childhood doctor has become the health and fitness advisor for the Pals.

Fitness and Flexibility
Dr. Sal offers tips on keeping fit and flexible as a key to maintaining the health necessary
to play golf for a lifetime.

Uncle Jess's Page
Knothead's Uncle Jess is a self-made business man who serves another golf interest.

Travel and Tee Times
Uncle Jess explains how he has made a pretty good name for himself in setting up travel and tee times.

Crash's Page
Scruffy introduces his pal, Crash, who likes to drive fast, even in a golf cart.

Golf Carts with Attitude
Crash loves to put a new spin on golf, with customized golf carts.

Crash and NASCAR
Crash talks about his other favorite pasttime, NASCAR - from history to tickets to charities.

Count's Page
The most unique pal is Count, a math professor who is determined to make every part of his life
fit into a mathmatical equation.

Numbers Please
Count proves that no matter what your interests or what kind of life you lead, you can never escape
from numbers.

Math Can Be Fun
Count offers some fun math websites that he hopes will encourage more interest in math and impact the deficit in math and science in America.

Meet the Artist
Biography on the artist and creator of Scruffy and Pals.

Tales Around the Pot Belly Stove
An assortment of the stories that were a contributing factor in the vision and creation of Scruffy and Pals.

The Pro Shop
A picture of the new Scruffy and Pals pro shop.

Scruffy and Pals Golf Balls
Introduction and description of the Scruffy and Pals golf balls featuring Scruffy, Knothead
and Hoss, which you can purchase in the pro shop.

St. Andrews
Scruffy describes his history making trip to the famous Old Course at St. Andrews - complete with pictures.

How We Got Here
Personal story of Scruffy's mom and dad and their journey to building this website.

Contact Us
This page allows you, the visitor, to give us your opinions and comments about our website. And we promise, your information will not be shared with anyone!

Whew - that was a lot to get through! We hope you enjoyed meeting all the pals and getting to know us better, while reading some interesting articles and visiting links along the way.

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