Putter Inventions by Knothead

When I was a kid, I loved to putter around. As children, we relied on our imagination to entertain ourselves; it is truly one of God's great gifts. Give a us a big empty cardboard box, and it would instantly become a fort full of soldiers fighting off monsters of all shapes and sizes, or perhaps a castle where we changed into heavy suits of armor and carried shiny swords. Then with a little re-shaping and a few holes punched through here and there, the box became a race car or an airplane. The imagination never ceases to amaze; it continues giving ideas and thoughts throughout our lives, to some more than others.

Mops, Toothbrushes and Putters

A good example of the imagination is mops, toothbrushes and putters; they are relatively simple gadgets that are designed to do one basic function: scrub the floor, clean your teeth and cause a ball to start rolling, respectively. But, have you ever noticed the unending variations of styles, shapes, colors, forms and functions that these three simple objects have taken over the years?

Stop Yipping & Yapping

In my never ending search for everything or anything that can improve my golf game, I have bought just about every putter that man has imagined. And believe me they amount to more putters than that big old cardboard box I had as a kid could hold. Let’s face it, a putter is a putter and it is a boring club. It’s the smallest club in the bag, unless you have one of those with a shaft that you stick up your left nostril [or right nostril if your right eye is dominate] to anchor it and prevent you from yipping and yapping.

Arch Aimeny Putter

A couple of years ago, someone with a big imagination came out with a putter that has a white disk just behind the putter face, the size of a golf ball. A little later someone with even less imagination added a second white disk, and recently someone with no imagination, added a third!

I decided to put my imagination to work and came up with Knothead’s “Arch Aimeny” putter. This ingenious putter gives the added advantage of having an arc that allows the golfer to actually aim the putter head with precise accuracy. The putter head extends into a 330 degree arc and on the last 30 degrees, a “20/20-pt” (peer through) aiming device is built in. It will give instant feed back if the putter is not on line.

The golfer uses a normal putting stance, picks out his spot, closes one eye and puts the hairline aiming devise on that spot. As the putter head is taken back, the “20/20-pt” sight should remain on the spot, which allows the club head to remain square and start the ball rolling on the exact line towards the spot. On the back of the aiming device, a series of color coded marks will help the golfer gage the amount of take away and follow through for every putt.

My “Arch Aimeny” putter is the only putter with precise aiming capabilities, and guarantees the golfer that the putter head will be square to the target.

Now, I have to figure out how to get the dang thing in my bag! Hey there’s another idea, a new golf bag design! Hummmm???

Zig-Zag Ztick

Here’s another unique putter idea I got from Mrs. Knothead’s rolling pin. No, that’s not how I got my knot! I was watching her roll out a pie crust, and took notice of the handles, and thought what a neat idea for a putter.

The idea behind the
Zig-Zag Ztick is to cause the club head to always come into the ball square. The golfer holds the top handle on the putter against his belly button, and holds the lower handle with his other hand. Making a pendulum motion, the putter head is taken back on a perfect line, and it is impossible to get the head off line unless the belly button moves.

Getting the Z-Z-Z in a conventional golf bag is not easy, which gives me even more reason to come up with a new golf bag design!

Both of these putter designs are unique and original inventions. Don’t try to copy them, or I will send Mrs. Knothead after you with her rolling pin!!!

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