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Scruffy in knickers

Can you believe it?

Me, with my two best pals, Knothead and Hoss, on the Old Course at St. Andrews! What a dream come true! And how do you like my 'new duds'?

It is sort of a long story as to how we ended up in Scotland, so let me try to make it short. One of my dad's best friends from college was planning a week long golf trip to Scotland. When Dad found out, he asked Uncle Den-Den if he would mind taking the
New Scruffy & Pals Golf Balls along for a few photo opts. "After all," he explained, "we take up very little room, we can sleep in his golf bag, we are very quiet, we require no food or drink, plus we would add some additional fun and humor to their golfing experience." So, Uncle Den-Den agreed to take us.

If Niles Could See Us Now

Boy, what a thrill, getting to meet so many gracious and hospitable people, including the caddies! The Pals and I were simply delighted by our reception at one of the most famous golf courses in the world. We felt just like celebrities having our pictures taken in front of the club house at the Old Course at St. Andrews! Niles would have loved sharing the golf history of this place with us in his unique and colorful language.

Scruffy Soars at The Old Course

The highlight of my entire trip was when Uncle Den-Den teed me up on the famous 18th hole. I was so excited that I almost peed in my new surlyn knickers! I know he was nervous, too, because he struggles with the difficulty that most golfers have when they think about playing with the Scruffy & Pals golf balls, "What if I lose it?" He gently placed me on the extra long tee, carefully turned me so I would be facing down range, and stood back to survey the shot. He got a picture in his mind of me flying like a projectile from an 8" howitzer, speeding toward his selected target.

I don't think Uncle Den-Den chose the Swilcan Bridge as his intended target, but I may never know. Just after launch, I quickly realized that I was flying and spinning head over heels at a dangerously low altitude and very high velocity, on an undefined path that would either crush me from the sudden impact on the bridge's century old stones or plunge me deeply into the Swilcan Burn that slowly meanders its way across the course, constituting the ONLY water hazard on the entire Old Course!

Scruffy Makes History

As I closed my eyes, the last thing I saw was Uncle Den-Den with a look on his face that expressed his immediate displeasure with the outcome of his well-intended shot. When I came to my senses, I was being gently unplugged from the muck and mud by a loving caddy who carefully examined me and then wiped the mud from my eyes and reluctantly returned me to Uncle Den-Den's shaking, sweaty palms.

I may be the only golf ball in history that has had an up close and personal view of the underside parts of the Swilcan Bridge! In fact, even Jack Nicholas didn't have this view, while he paused on this bridge for photographers last year as part of his retirement festivities! The way I see it, this experience can only add clout to the overall appeal of Scruffy & Pals Golf Balls!

A Picture is Worth......

I can't wait to show you the photos from the Old Course. Let me assure you, these pictures have not been digitally altered, Knothead, Hoss and I were really there! Keep scrolling down to view the pictures, while I share some commentary.

Knothead on the Road Hole

Knothead is teed up on The Road Hole. I think he is leaning to avoid hitting
the Old Course Hotel.

Hoss on the Old Course

Hoss awaits his first bird's-eye view of the Old Course.

the Pals at the 18th hole marker

As we took a break at the 18th tee marker, we wondered which one of us
Mr. Tom Morris would have chosen to play with on this last hole.

Scruffy before the Swilcan Burn

This is me just before Uncle Den-Den introduced me to Swilcan Burn!

Scruffy ready for the 19th hole

Properly cleaned and placed after the Swilcan Bridge adventure,
I am ready to head for the 19th hole.

THANKS Uncle Den-Den, for taking us.
We had a great time!

If you would like to learn more about the Old Course or take a virtual tour,
click this link to St. Andrews.

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