Meet Scruffy and His Pals


Click on Me and each of my Pals above to
get acquainted with our unique personalities.

I designed this page so you could meet me and my golf pals.
You will find each of us to be different, not only in appearance,
but also in the way we enjoy the game of golf. I hope you will
pick one of my pals to be your favorite, become a fan and come
back to this site again. Please let me hear from you and tell me
what you think about my site. Have a conversation with Scruffy.

Designing my website was easy with the
help of my new 'pal', Ken Evoy at SBI

I have found that building a website is almost as difficult as
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If you're interested in having your own website, but don't have
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Click this link for a video tour of Site Build It.

The pals and I are excited about the
the Scruffy & Pals Pro Shop.
We are offering for sale, Series One of the Scruffy & Pals golf balls,
which feature pictures of me, Knothead and Hoss.

Now the rest of you golfers can have some fun
competing and playing with the Pals. To read more about
these balls and place an order, click on the picture below.