Golf History from the Motherland

Nile's history

Let me introduce you to Niles, a facinating chap from the land where golf history was made!

Niles has retired of late from a position as head butler for a family in Great Britain and has come to America seeking a new life. We recently met at my favorite coffee house and found a common bond through our interest in the rules of golf. Although he has never played, he is quite an authority on golf history, as well as, the rules.

Following a day of sunflower seeds and heavy betting between Knothead and Hoss, Niles often finds himself as the mediator when they bicker over a particular violation of the rules. Being the perfect gentleman, he always comes up with a solution that keeps their friendship in tact.

Some folks perceive Niles to be stiff, arrogant and a bit of a bore, but I think he adds a touch of class to the Pals. He has agreed to give you some of his charming takes on The Rules of Golf, along with little tidbits of golf history.

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