Behavior Defines
the Golfer

I became acquainted with Sarge when we were paired in a charity golf tournament hosted by the V.F.W.

His behavior, both on and off the golf course, exemplifies that of a retired Sargeant Major. After 30 years of shouting orders and putting his life on the line for his country, Sarge is trying to settle down into a laid back lifestyle. That isn't going to be easy for someone with a drill sergeant's mentality.

Sarge Tells You
What He Thinks

Underneath the gruff exterior, Sarge is one of the most caring persons I have ever met. He would give up his life in an instant to save yours, but he will not hesitate to blow cigar smoke in your face and tell you eye to eye what he thinks, especially if you don't conduct yourself with proper etiquette on the golf course- just ask Hoss!

Sarge is a bit of a cigar aficionado and wants to give some tips to you cigar lovers. He also plans to tell you what really ticks him off about the lack of etiquette by fellow golfers and bellow some instructions on the proper way to conduct yourself on the golf course.


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