Golf or Race?

This is Crash. He plays golf like he is in a race to the 19th hole. Crash was the guy in high school who had the cool muscle car with a fancy paint job and chrome wheels and was always looking for someone to race with him. I lost contact with him when I went to college, but I always expected that he would be involved in auto racing.

Jess, Looper, Hoss and I are all seasoned NASCAR® fans and attend at least one of their races every year. Last month we decided to splurge a little and buy some pit passes. As we were roaming around pit row, amid the sound of revved up motors and the smell of gasoline, I happened to spot someone who looked like Crash. Sure enough, there he was in the middle of some drivers and their crews, offering his "expert opinion"!

No Longer in the Race

I discovered that Crash did continue his love of fast cars and racing. When I asked him how he was doing he said, "My name says it all. I've had too many crashes and torn up too many cars! Now I just hang out with friends at the race track and let NASCAR® feed my need for speed!"

Crash was never too serious about golf because it didn't have the excitement he was looking for. But since he has settled for a calmer lifestyle, he has started to enjoy playing again. And wouldn't you know it? He has a suped up golf cart that must to get him to his ball before his competitors get to theirs, or he thinks he has lost the hole. So, don't ever ride with him. A bump and run is not the same to Crash as it is to you and me!

When I told Crash about our website, he told me that a lot of the Nascar drivers are avid golfers, as well. He would like to be a part of our site by giving us a little taste of the NASCAR® connection to golf and would steer us to some deals on golf carts.

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