Golf Carts With Attitude

Hi, I'm Jimmy, but you can call me Crash. My opinion on moving objects is that if it has wheels, it was meant to be raced - including golf carts. So, I have agreed to use my love for anything with wheels and my racing connections to help you find some deals on golf carts and put a new spin on golf (pardon the pun).

Grab It If You Can

Me and Scruffy didn't hang around much in high school; he was a nerd and I was a grease monkey. But, I always kinda liked him, 'cause in his own sort of way, he was cool. I remember I had a '64 goat (Pontiac GTO), blueprinted and balanced with a six pack, headers and 3:73 gears. It was the fastest ride in town! I got Scruffy in the passenger seat one day and stuck a ten spot in the defroster vent. Told him he could have the bill if he could grab it before I got to the bridge. He didn't even come close. Those clean little fingers just moved too slow!

Customized Hot Rod Golf Carts

I don't know if your club allows personal golf carts, but if they do, what fun is it to have a boring factory-made cart? Put your personality in your cart and you'll find new enjoyment in your golf game. It even makes driving around looking for your ball more fun. The golf cart above is what I am talking about, done by Edds Custom Golf Carts in Southern Idaho. They design and build custom golf carts and also carry a line of accessories. Click on Edds cart and take a look for yourself.

Customize Your Own Cart

I told you that I was going to be talking to some of my pals in the racing business and get ya'll hooked up with some neat shops. Most of us want to have a golf cart that looks a little different from the others when we’re all lined up on the first tee. Did you know that one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make your cart stand out is to customize your wheels?

Let me introduce you to my pal, Bart Mahan, the CEO and founder of - The World's Largest Supplier of Golf Cart Gear. Man, I’m tell’in you ol’e Bart is on a mission to provide everything you can think of in the way of golf cart accessories and parts, no matter the make or model. Heck, they even have a forum you can join and talk to other golf cart nuts about their carts, including an expert known as The Cartiologist! If you enjoy golf carts or want to make a few changes to your own cart so folks will notice it, you gotta visit this site and that’s all there is to it!

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