NASCAR Season is Back!

Other than playing golf with Scruffy and our pals, NASCAR is my favorite pastime. To tell you the truth, I love golf, but the smell of high octane exhaust, the deafening sound of a track full of forty-three 500 horse-powered engines all reaching peak rpms at the same time, just plain turns me on! If you've never been to a NASCAR race, you don't know what you're missin'. I guarantee that if you go once, you will be hooked.

My cousin is a NASCAR junkie, but until a few years ago had never been to a race, so I invited her down to the one in Atlanta. If I could sell what I saw in her teary eyes when that green flag was dropped and all those cars came out of turn number two, side by side, with engines screaming .... I could make millions! You get a build up of adrenaline that makes you feel like your body is going to jump right out of your skin. You really do owe it to yourself to go to one race and here is the perfect way to start. Click on the icon below for SellBuyTix and you will find the only website that allows you to purchase tickets or sell tickets that you have and won't be using. This is my favorite place to buy tickets for all the NASCAR races. They also have tickets to other sporting events like tennis and golf, and entertainment events including concerts, broadway, and the theater.

Hey, time's a wastin', check it out!

@ Buyselltix

The History of NASCAR

Now that you have your tickets, I thought maybe you might like to learn a little more about NASCAR racing. Bill France, Sr. and Ed Otto are the co-founders of NASCAR. They started promoting races prior to WWII. Bill soon realized that folks would actually pay to watch racing, so they set out to organize the sport. Mr. France knew that a formal sanctioning organization and standardized rules, along with a regular schedule, would be needed, so they formed NASCAR as we know it today.

I've been doin' some research and have come up with some pretty neat places that will make your NASCAR experience a good one. Did you know that NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Racing? And did you know that the first drivers learned how to drive fast in the mountains of North Carolina while transporting illegal moonshine? It's true!

Click here for more on NASCAR history.

Everything NASCAR

Here is another website that has everything you will ever need to know about NASCAR. I MEAN EVERYTHING! Jayski's is the neatest and most comprehensive website on the Internet when it comes to NASCAR, as far as I am concerned. He has over 1000 pages and covers more stuff than you can shake a stick at. If you love NASCAR like I do, you will spend hours cruising on the site below.

Now that you 'have the bug', the following websites can add even more enjoyment to the NASCAR scene.

Want to Know How it Feels to Drive a NASCAR?

Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure offers a variety of NASCAR driving school packages from 3 laps to 60 laps at Talladega and from 3 laps to 80 laps at their other racetracks. To choose one and make your dream come true, Click Here.

Feel the Thunder!

WOW! You will love this! IMAX and NASCAR have teamed up to bring the racing experience to an awesome level. You gotta' find an IMAX theater to feel the thunder!

The NASCAR Family Charities

The NASCAR Foundation supports charities created by members of the NASCAR Family that benefit a wide variety of people and causes. These organizations demonstrate the many passions and interest that drivers, teams and industry members have away from the racetrack. Look at all the charities on the Foundation link below.

Now that you, too, have found the love for NASCAR, I'll see you at the next race!