Travel to the Tee Box

Meet Jess, Knothead's Uncle

Jess owns and operates the Jess 4-U Travel & Tee Time Agency. You don't have to look at a picture to see the Knothead family traits. He not only resembles them in appearance, but also in disposition. You might say he's a contrary ole' sort.

Jess has been involved in a variety of business ventures over the years, but he lacks the suave approach in dealing with prospective customers. In fact, he has lost more clients than a market full of bees. Being a friend of Knothead's, I always employ Jess to arrange my business travel. I have to coax him a little, though, into making first class accommodations. He prefers to trim the fat and eat the cat!

Tee Times, Please

By referring many of my business associates, I have helped Jess develop a successful travel agency. But now the convenience of the Internet has put a twist into Jess' knot. He had to find a way to incorporate some incentives that will attract both the business person and vacationer. Knothead reminded Uncle Jess that, when people are on the road, it is difficult to schedule tee times for playing golf. So they put their 'knots' together and came up with an idea to set up tee times, along with travel plans. Now Jess says, "I'm busier than a one-handed plucker in a turky factry at Thankgivin' time!"

You just have to meet Jess at his travel agency!
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Jess' Travel Agency

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