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Yep, I'm Jess and this is my place. I'm the top travel and tee time agent in this part o' the country. I guess I take my business know-how from my granddaddy. He was a self-made 'ontapinure'- he used his head to get into a hat makin' enterprize that he built from the ground up. It was out o' necesity, you know, cause all our folks need a taller hat than most. Granddaddy said it's 'cause we grow bigger brains!
That man sure had an able mind.

I know this sounds like braggin', but I have a real nack fur gettin' people off to a difernt settin' just to goof off fur a few days. Some of 'um even feel guilty 'bout leaving their boss, but they seem to git over it before they git back. I have a big board in the back room with pichures on it from all over the world. Those vacation folks always want to bring ya somethin' back from their trip, like they think I missed 'em. I jest lettum think I did, so they'll come back and do some more business with me.

Gotta Live Up to my Name!

I have a reputashion to hold up as having the best deals and quickist service for miles around. I can have a deal on paper and under yur nose, with such speed, that it'll make yur boogers fly! I really can't take all the credit, though, 'cause my nefhew, Knothead, set me up with the Innernet. It's like a real geneyus person inside a TV that can tell ya anything ya want to know. Wheweee! That Knothead takes after his great granddaddy with his smarts, plus he gots a college edjucashun.

This new hiteck gadjet lets me look for travel places in every part o' the world. If ya can git there from here, I can arange it. I've planned so many trips to famous golf courses and resorts lately that the folks who work there know me by my name. When I call 'em up, they say: "I've got the place Jest 4-U!" They talk kinda funny in some o' them spots.

I promissed Scruffy that I'd share some o' my nice places to stay and play golf, that aren't so much known to everyone. One o’ my favrites is Florida Golf Course Directory and one ya' might wanna’ check out. It lists Top Public Golf Courses located thru out the United States, including top golf destinations such as Florida, Las Vegas, North Carolina and Phoenix, Arizona.

And if yur thinkin' bout travlin' to Europe any time soon, let Jess 4-U Travel & Tee Time Agency give ya' a tip! My pals over at Europe-Cities is just itch'n to help ya' arrange just about any kind 'o' trip ya' got in mind, espeshely a golfin' trip. Now listen, before ya' even think bout look'n anyplace else, check 'em out. Why? Here's 6 reasons why. 1. Cause they got the lowest prices ya'll find anywhere; 2. ya' can book on line; 3. ya' won't have to emptie yur bank account to make a deposit, cause there ain't none; 4. every transaction is as safe as bein' in yur muther's arms; 5. they don't charge ya' a bookin' fee like most other travel folks do; and, get this, 6. they got this forum, which is sort'o like being down at the local barber shop lisnen' in to the gossup! Ya can lern from folks whos ben ther, done that and lern a hole lot 'o stuff that will help ya' have a good trip. Now take it from me and go back up and click on Europe-Cities above, and if anybody asks, tell 'em Uncle Jess sent ya' and ya' want fixed up with a good deal! Then have fun on yur trip, but for gosh sakes, be careful.

And while yur at it, if ya' want to have an even better time on yur Europe golf trip, take along some'o them new Scruffy & Pals golf balls. Click on this card to give 'em a look and then buy some!

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If you wanna’ keep up on the good travel deals, just sign up in that RSS orange box area below the green bars on the left. They tell me that you'll git a note evertime I add somethin’ new to this site, like some more travel places to find on the Innernet. Don't furget to tell me bout yur trips and all the good deals ya' got by click'in on Contact Jess below!

See ya down the road!

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