Practice Makes Perfect

It's true. I do love to practice. I can spend hours chipping, putting and perfecting my mid to short irons game. When I am playing on the course, I only get one chance to make a perfect shot, but when I practice, I have lots of opportunities. Plus, I'm never haunted by that score card demon!

Warm-Up vs Practice
- Know the Difference!

There is a difference between warming up and practicing. Warming up is just an exercise to get your body ready to play golf. Practicing, on the other hand, is a repetitive action made to improve performance. If you do not have a specific goal in your practice sessions, you are just warming up. Decide what area of your golf game needs improvement and focus your time on that particular problem.

Golf or "Flog"

If you do not know the proper mechanics of the golf swing, you are playing "flog" not golf. Instead of buying a $300 club, spend your money wisely with your local PGA golf professional on some lessons. I guarantee you, it will be the greatest investment you can make in your game and it will add immensely to your enjoyment of golf.

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