How to Get the Winning Edge

My pal, Hoss, is a friend from our college days.

Most folks wouldn't pair the captain of the football team with a muscle-impaired twerp like me, but believe it or not, we were the winning foosball team on campus! Hoss was not quite big enough to make it in the pros, so he changed his focus to golf. He loves to place a few bucks on each round, and usually wins - due to his proficiency at mind games. He rarely practices but manages to be in the finals for the club championships, thanks to his 18 handicap and his ability to score in the low 80's when the pressure is on. This really upsets Knothead who spends hours trying to perfect his game, and Hoss just adds to the tension by ribbing Knothead about his 12 handicap.

With an easy-going demeanor, Hoss has developed a successful corporation from the sale and distribution of some choice after-hours beverages. His flourishing business allows him the flexibility to combine his two pleasures of life - enjoying a good competitive game of golf with a little sampling of his favorite brew.

This website wouldn't be complete without some input from Hoss on how to develop the winning edge. For a few of his ideas, click on Let the Winning Games Begin.

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