Meet My Golf Pal, Knothead - You Can See How He Got His Name!

Knothead is stubborn and little bit of a pain because he thinks he's a better golfer than he really is. For some reason, having a low handicap gives him status, so he turns in his lowest scores and discards the high ones - which, in reality, makes his 12 handicap, more like a 20. He doesn't seem to mind that everyone thinks he is a Knothead when he shoots a 92 after bragging on the first tee that he has a low handicap.

Knothead fancies himself as an authority on every swing technique imaginable. He has enough used clubs and assist gadgets to open a discount store. He spends his evenings reading self-help books and watching game improvement tips on The Golf Channel. In fact, their logo is permanently burned on his TV screen.

One good quality of Knothead is his dedication to finding the best equipment and techniques to give him that perfect swing. He devotes his spare time to studying and trying all the newest innovations that come into the marketplace. I think this knowledge might be valuable to others, so I have convinced Knothead to share it with you on this website. Click below on his icon to view his common sense tips and opinions.

Knothead's Tips

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You might enjoy a new site I told Knothead about called The Golf Professor.

Why choose this site?...because the site is dedicated to providing great golfing tips, from the basics through to detailed tips, plus drills, to help improve and enjoy your golf, topics on rules, fitness, nutrition, sloping lies, bad weather, history, and interesting golfing articles.

Knothead will probably spend some quality time trying to duplicate that swing video. Click on the icon below to see if your swing measures up.

In Knothead's continuous search to find the perfect golf equipment, he has turned to his own design and ingenuity. Please click on his picture icon below to review his two new putter inventions.

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