A Pro for the Pals

This is our
Club Pro, Buggsey

Before he became our club pro, Buggsey lived in Las Vegas and worked in the casinos as a dealer. That's where he met Hoss. As you know, Hoss loves to gamble and goes to Vegas every chance he gets. Buggsey dealt cards at the blackjack table which just happened to be Hoss's lucky stand. They became acquainted and decided to get together for some gambling on the golf course.

Not Everything Stays in Vegas!

The idea of golf with some gambling got Buggsey hooked on the game. So he gave up dealing cards to attend a golf teaching academy and became a teaching professional. When our local course appointed me to the search committee for a new club pro, Hoss immediately set up an interview with Buggsey. The rest is history.

The Eyes Have It!

Since becoming our club pro, Buggsey has earned quite a reputation with the members. He not only has a snazzy style of dress, but also has the talent for seeing the "bugs" in your swing and teaching you how to get rid of them. Can you think of a better knickname? Another bonus for our club is the relationships Buggsey has made from working in Vegas. He has connections with people from a variety of enterprises, which enables him to make some great deals on discount golf equipment for our members.

I know you're interested in some good deals, too, so I've talked Buggsey into hooking us up to some discounts on golf equipment and giving us some advice on swing flaws. Click on the swing icon below to get his scoop!

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